As both an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran, and a trauma/addiction Therapist, I know first hand the struggles individuals who suffer from trauma face.  Michelle uses an effective evidence based protocol, which allows individuals to regain control over their emotions, and live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.   Michelle’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach is perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced meditators.  I strongly encourage anyone who is suffering, to work with Michelle, take advantage of her knowledge, and gain the skills necessary to take back control of their lives.  ~Over the past 10 years, William Rodriguez, MSW has dedicated his time and study to helping people cope with issues such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicide, anxiety, depression and substance abuse.  William currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California (USC), and is a decorated three-time Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran.   He has served three tours of duty in the Middle East as a reconnaissance squad leader with both the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 101st airborne division (Air Assault).


After Michelle’s yoga classes and learning about the benefits of yoga I started sleeping better. I literally haven’t slept this well in 3 years since taking her classes. I was skeptical that I would get anything out of this, but now I look forward to yoga knowing that I am feeling and sleeping so much better. ~Jeff (firefighter)


After 21 years of law enforcement I had a difficult time upon retirement. I expected to miss the adrenaline and camaraderie that seemed exclusive to the job. What I didn’t expect was to experience the lack of having a goal and a sense of value to my community.  Michelle was able to help me find and focus that sense of purpose that was previously inherent to police work. She helped me see that I was more than just the badge I wore for so many years. I am grateful for her guidance in helping me with this next phase in life. ~S. Martinez


Michelle’s classes have been instrumental in helping with my recovery from alcohol.  She always made the classes fun and helped me do and feel things I did not think were possible.  I had never done meditation before, and it was amazing to feel different after her class and how much better I felt all day.  ~Chris T.


Michelle is a consummate professional.  Wherever I am Michelle meets me, with no judgement, head on with the perfect challenge.  ~Andrew Marlar


Michelle is a very thorough instructor.  From meditation to different stretches I have not done since high school, it is helping me with becoming more centered and feeling better about myself.  Thank you Michelle! ~Brad C., Maryland


Michelle has been so kind in teaching us addicts and alcoholics a different way to get out of our own way and I couldn’t thank her enough.  I always look forward to yoga.  It’s so relaxing and comforting.  Thank you Michelle.
~Shane Fitzpatrick


I have struggled with addiction and am now living sober, and yoga seems to help relieve some stress and help relax my body.
~Levi Coniglio


I am a recovering drug addict and I really enjoy Michelle’s yoga class.  It helps me connect and feel in touch with myself.
~Alfred Martinez, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Yoga Nidra is working wonders as I am a recovering addict.  My thinking has become clearer and clearer with this practice.
~Zach S.


Michelle is a great teacher.  She’s showed me how to get in touch with my mind and body.
~Joey K.