Taking Care Of Ourselves

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The holidays are around the corner, and I start to hear people say how busy they are; the stress of family visiting, and trying to get everything done.


How do we prioritize and learn to say no to some events? This time of year can be stressful for some people, and keeping ourselves healthy during the holidays can sometimes be a challenge.


Here are five tips to help you get through the holidays and take care of yourself.


  1. Learn to say “no”. We want to go to all the parties we’re invited to and have people over for dinner, but it’s important to be able to say “no” to some of these things. If you feel you’re running on empty and are only going because you have to, politely decline, but know that it’s okay to say no to some events.


  1. Ask for help. If you’re running ragged and everyone else is sitting and watching television, there’s a problem. If you need help with errands, picking up something from the store, or help preparing something, ask for help. See if a friend can help you with your dinner party and in exchange, you help them with their event.


  1. You can’t say yes to everything. Every party and event sounds like it would be a lot of fun, but nothing is worse than getting sick and feeling run down during a time that you want to be enjoying yourself. If you have yourself booked every single weekend, make some choices and give yourself a break one weekend a month to not be committed to something.


  1. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself what do you need during this time of year. Is there something that you want to happen for yourself or your family that is important? Ask how you are going to make that happen. If you need to step back and spend an afternoon pampering yourself at home with a bath, a facial, going to get a pedicure, whatever that is, give that to yourself, you deserve it.


  1. Exercise and sleep. I believe exercise and sleep and the first things that get moved to the bottom of the list during this time of year, but they are the most important. If you start sleeping less and your sleep pattern gets out of whack, your immune system suffers, and you start to get sick. Add in the extra food, alcohol, and the lack of exercise, and your body will not be happy with you. Fit the exercise in wherever you can, even if it’s a short brisk walk. Just move!


I know these have helped me stay healthy during the holidays and I hope they can help you have a great holiday season without sacrificing your health and sanity in the process.


Wishing you all the best health and happiness this holiday season,


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