Perseverance to Question When Things Don’t Feel Right

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There have been several changes in the past month or so. It’s been good changes because I’ve taken some time to questions some things that I’ve been doing and ask myself, “Why am I doing what I do?”


I enjoyed doing my podcast, but it was feeling like a hobby and that I wasn’t reaching the people that I wanted to be helping. So I took some time and listened. What was I being asked about? When I met with police officers or taught a yoga class, what were the questions I was receiving? What did people want to know from me?


I found that I was repeatedly being asked about how I transitioned from being a police officer to a yoga and meditation instructor. The route I took is not normally one officers take when they retire. People were curious about how I made that transition, and if I found it difficult to adapt to a new life when I was no longer an officer.


Any turning point in life can be strenuous; retirement, divorce, the loss of a job, or if the kids have left the house. If your identity is what you do, who you’re married to, or your title at work, then who are you when you are no longer THAT?


For twenty years I was a police officer, and I was more than ready to retire, leave police work, and move onto the next phase in my life. I still had a hard time transitioning away from, “I’m no longer a police officer.” I didn’t know what to say when I met someone new, and the question was, “So, what do you do?” Hmmm. I had to process that I was no longer THAT so now who am I? It felt strange to say I was a yoga instructor; it just didn’t feel right at first.


There was a lot of self-exploration to discover who I am, what I stand for, what matters to me, and what I am going to do with this information moving forward. Which has brought me to where I am today.


I’m focusing on transition. How do we navigate these big shifts in our life and create a new identity? To realize that we are more than the title we give ourselves. We are more than a parent, a job title, a spouse; we are greater than all of these things, but discovering that takes work.


I’m turning my attention towards helping others with these transitions in life. My website will be getting an update, and I will continue to blog and post about navigating these transitions in life.


I would be grateful for any comments or feedback. I want to help others become the best they can be. I want this to be a resource for you or someone you know that needs help when faced with the big decisions in life.


With gratitude,


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  1. I really like this perseverance. I am actually trying to find my identity and it’s been very hard. My life has changed drastically and it feels empty and somewhat foggy. I participate in helping others and it feels good at the time but whe. I leave from the 5280 Center or an Institute where I’ve held a meeting for others in recovery. Also going on a mission trip to Panama was quite the experience but yet when returning home, I felt as though nothing I did was enough or should I say, complete.

    I am praying for a direction with my life. Thank you so much for all your words of inspiration.

    Love you Michelle.

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