150729BEEHE11GARCIAM_011-3A seasoned yoga instructor and meditation educator, Michelle Garcia believes that healthy change is within everyone’s grasp.  The problem: some attempt to affect change in the wrong way.  They focus on external factors, forgetting about the internal change—a transformation of your thought process—that must occur first.  A change in perspective and thought process is absolutely essential for lasting, permanent transformation.

“I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to make lasting, positive changes in your life, then you must change your thought process. For instance, if you’re striving to lose weight, then you can’t simply start eating differently.  You’ve got to change your thoughts surrounding food and diet.  It’s this mindset that leads to lasting change.  You must transform your thoughts before you change a circumstance, a relationship or anything else in your life.  You must look inward before you turn outward. Look inward to transform your life,” she added.

Michelle also believes it’s essential to avoid placing blame when life doesn’t go according to plan.  “You must stop blaming others.  Stop blaming yourself.  Learn from the experience and move forward.  Focus on changing your thought process, then work to make a lasting change in your life.”  she added.

When there are major transformations in life, (i.e. retiring, divorce, or kids are leaving the house), there is an identity shift that has to happen.  When we wake up and we are no longer what we thought we were, it can be a difficult process to find our purpose and identity again.  As a retired police officer, Michelle has personal experience with this transformation, and has helped others with this shift in identity and finding purpose in this new way of living.

Michelle isn’t your typical yoga instructor and meditation educator.  She spent 20 years working in the field of law enforcement, both as a patrol officer and as a detective.  It was through her police work that Michelle encountered individuals who were in a state of crisis.  Seeing these troubled people inspired Michelle to retire from the police force, and turn to a different kind of public service.  She holds a 500-hour master level Yoga certification and she’s also a certified Yoga Nidra Instructor via the iRest Program.  

“I bring a unique brand of humor and a realistic view to integrating transformation into your life.”  Michelle explains adding, “I find it so rewarding as I guide others to bring about changes in their lives.  With humor and the right attitude, nothing is impossible!”